Exit Planning

As the baby-boomers move into their late fifties and early sixties, they will need to consider a succession plan to harvest the equity value of their business. The majority of the baby-boomers have 70% to 90% of their net worth tied up in their closely held businesses and their income generated by their closely held businesses supports their life style. However, the majority of the owners’ of these businesses do not know the value of their business and virtually all of the owners’ of these businesses do not know whether the value of their business is growing or eroding. Yet they are depending upon their business to fund their retirement and maintain their current life style. In addition, they do not have a viable strategy to transfer their equity interest in exchange for the liquidly needed to support their life style.

We realize that the business owners have spent a lifetime working hard to build their business. We also know that the business owners have an expectation of what they need to sell their business to provide enough capital after tax to maintain their current life style, fund their philanthropic objectives or provide for their family. Unfortunately, most of the business owners will be disappointed and fall short of their targeted sale price.

The time is now, in fact yesterday, to identify the value of the business and establish specific objectives designed to obtain the value of the business the owner needs and expects. Our three-year value enhancement program starts by determining the current value of the business, identify the value erosion factors, recommend growth strategies, and assist the small business management with implementing the strategies. We will monitor the value of the business over the three-year period and update the growth strategies, as needed, designed to increase the value of the business. Our goal is to help you achieve the value of your business you expect and need to support your goals.

We will focus on internal factors affecting your business including depth of management, operational effectiveness, profitability, information, process and capital structure. We will also focus on external factors including competition, economic conditions, consolidations, changes in the market, market share, and demographics. We will work with your accountant and attorney to propose a plan that will enable you to achieve your goals. We have five full-time valuation analysts and a team of support professions to assist your team of advisors. Our valuation team is recognized nationally. We have completed hundreds of business valuations and assisted hundreds of businesses recognize the direction needed to increase their value. Consult with your accountant and/or attorney regarding our reputation and experience. We will help you achieve your goals.