National/Regional Valuations

Knowing the value of your business is an essential part of doing business. A business valuation can be an integral part of estate and gift planning, tax liability, purchase or sale of a business, buy sell agreements, succession planning, and divorce proceedings, as well as shareholder disputes. Many factors are taken into consideration when a professional valuator determines the value of your business.

Our valuations are conducted through Value Defined, LLC. Garth Tebay, CPA, CVA, CM&AA, Managing Partner, directs the business valuation services. Mr. Tebay is a Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA).

Our staff has performed hundreds of valuations since 1980. Mr. Tebay has also been qualified in various municipal and federal courts as an expert witness and has given testimony in divorce cases, personal injury cases, lost profits, economic damages and shareholder disputes. Mr. Tebay has been called upon to consult in various valuation matters. Mr. Tebay has also served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.

Our valuation staff is very active in NACVA. Since 2001, Mr. Tebay has been an instructor for the NACVA and has taught the Fundamentals Techniques & Theory (FT&T) course as well as the Case course for NACVA’s certification program, has presented the program for the Internal Revenue Service, the Small Business Administration (SBIC Division), and The Korean Valuation Association. He is currently the Team Leader for FT&T and Case. In addition, Mr. Tebay has written portions of the curriculum and presented numerous speeches on the topic of business valuations. Mr. Tebay also serves as a member of the Standards Committee, Course Review Committee, Mentor Support Group, and the Speakers Bureau at NACVA, and has co-authored a valuation book that will be published in April 2005.

Having completed hundreds of valuations, our firm offers years of training and experience in the preparation of business valuations. We believe that a business valuation should not only be technically sound, but also economically feasible.

Why Is A CVA a Valued Professional?

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Fairness Opinions

Transactions involving changes in a corporation's control can oftentimes create the need to obtain an expertly derived, critically thorough and unbiased Fairness Opinion.

A soundly crafted Fairness Opinion should:

  • Focus on the interests of shareholders – without conflict.
  • Analyzes all transactional terms and conditions
  • Provides structural transaction alternatives
  • Assesses all relevant business interests

For both corporate managers and investors the benefits of obtaining an expertly derived Value Defined Fairness Opinion are many:

  • It can prevent a bad transaction from being consummated.
  • It can force the pricing of a transaction to be renegotiated.
  • It can identify the key value drivers of the transaction.
  • It can uncover potential hindrances to successful results.
  • It can eliminate or highly reduce the potential for future litigation.

In short, taking this step can be critical to all concerned parties. Obtaining a Fairness Opinion is particularly advisable – many would say necessary – for the following applications:

  • Acquisition
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bond Issuance
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Director Disagreements
  • Divestitures
  • ESOPs
  • Going Private
  • Mergers
  • Minority Shareholder Concerns
  • Multiple Price Offerings
  • Stock Transactions

Value Defined has proven invaluable to hundreds of investors and owners who are, in many cases, making life-altering transactional decisions regarding their personal and professional financial futures. This is not to be taken lightly and we know it. There's too much on the line.

That's why we highly recommend making the investment in a professionally executed – stringently independent and conflict-free – Fairness Opinion.

Our team of specialists is particularly cognizant of the depth of research and documentation required to validate every aspect of a Fairness Opinion. Our roster of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs) and Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Analysts (CM&AAs) have achieved their status through intensive training and academic preparedness. We are also part of a nationwide affiliate network of CVA and CM&AA professionals with whom we can confidentially tap a wealth of transactional experience and proven analytical technologies.