Introduction to Business Valuation
by Garth M. Tebay, CPA, CVA, CM&AA


Valuation Concepts Newsletters

Winter 2004 Spring 2004 Summer 2004 Fall 2004

*A lesson in deferred tax

*Understanding normalizing adjustments

*Control and valuation discounts

*Tangible benefits of intangible assets

*FASB Statement NO. 144

*Making strategic decisions

*Site visits can reveal hidden surprises

*Common intellectual property valuation techniques

*Major issues surround minority interest discounts

*Times of transition call for liquidation analysis

*Recent FLP victory provides hope for estate planners

*Complex marital estates demand valuation expertise

Winter 2005 Spring 2005 Summer 2005 Fall 2005

*How valuation experts determine damages

*There's no substitute for a management interview

*NAV method helps appraisers calculate fair market value

*Gain valuable insight into your business with ratio analysis

*Debate continues over built-in gains discount

*Pre-IPO studies

*How appraisers value real estate holding entities

*DCF calculations are only as good as the numbers you provide

*Prescription for change

*The sum of the parts isn't always equal to the whole

*Timing is everything

*Irreplaceable assets: When key-person discounts apply

*IRS continues its attack on FLPs

*Adding up the little stuff

*Lack of control discounts don't always apply to minority interests

*Are S corporations worth more than C corporations?

*The value of voting vs. nonvoting stock

Winter 2006 Spring 2006 Summer 2006 Fall 2006

*Playing the wild card:  Company-specific risk affects many business appraisals

*Going, going, gone ... Assessing lost value as a source of economic damages

*Let's hit the books:  20 commonly used business valuation terms

*How does industry-specific risk affect a company's value?

* Is it the driver of the car? Personal vs. practice goodwill

*Establishing the ground rules: The role of valuations in buy-sell agreements

*Business valuation tools:  4 private transaction databases in use today

*Facts and circumstances weigh heavily in any valuation

* Independent appraisals help ensure Section 409A compliance

*IRS regulations for gift & estate tax valuations

*Intangible assets:  Becoming a major influence on business value

*Facts vs. assumptions play out in failed contract

*Facts and circumstances weigh heavily in any valuation

* 4 common valuation faux pas

*Challenges in estimating reasonable compensation

*Stock option valuation showdown

*Estate of Blount and a buy-sell agreement gone bad

Winter 2007 Spring 2007 Summer 2007 Fall 2007

* Proposed NASD rule change targets fairness opinions

*FASB issues long-awaited fair value standard

*Appraisers bring valuable expertise to the buy-sell process

*Divvying up goodwill in divorce cases

Winter 2008 Spring 2008 Summer 2008 Fall 2008


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